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August 30, 2017

Ep. 65: Hip to be Square

This week on the show there's yet another new camera coming from Lomography, Rachel has had a busy week educating yoofs, Ade's got some fun Pinhole shots back from the lab and Graeme's been out playing with a new (not new) camera! All this and more!

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This week it’s just the boys - or is it? Some cameos may have sneaked into the edit at the last minute, can you spot them? Talk of travelling with inappropriate cameras and what is the best shutter sound for masking cuss words.

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In this weeks episode we're down one Ade, but up one Corey Cannon! We find out what he's been up to lately, there's an in the field interview with some friends of the show, then Rachel takes us to school to teach us all we need to know about Cyanotypes!

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In this weeks episode the team is joined by the charming Karl Child, the man behind Shoot Film UK to talk about promoting film shooters work, Rachel and Ade's analogue adventures at weddings and Graeme's dislike of Jurassic World.

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August 3, 2017

Ep. 61: Squirrel Safari

In this weeks episode Ade has been busy getting frustrated with TLR's. Rachel's been hanging out with Squirrels on a beach and Graeme has tried his hand at some wildlife photography. The team chat about an upcoming Street Photography event and even more!

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