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In this episode a new addition is welcomed to the Sunny 16 family, the results are back from Ade's Voigtlander Vitorette and Graeme has picked up some cool new film for his holiday. All this, and some well deserved love for the film photography community!

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In this episode Ade's got his holiday Holga shots back, Graeme's been acquiring more cameras at opposite ends of the size spectrum, and just for good measure we throw in a darkroom disaster AND a pointless rant!

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In this podcast Ade's back from his holiday adventures on the high seas with tales of watery fun and Holga hi-jinx, whilst Graeme has been left playing with chemicals in the kitchen as he attempts to develop colour film.

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In this episode the boys discuss their Holga Week adventures, a trip to the birthplace of photography and an update on the Cheap Shots Challenge. All this AND a top however many list of things!

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August 2, 2016

Ep. 9: Summer Holgadays

In this episode Ade and Graeme are getting ready for their Summer holidays and talk about what cameras and film they'll be taking, and what photography they hope to do while they're away

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