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On this weeks show the team are all here, along with fabulous guests Alecia Barnes and Dan Giannopoulos from LensFayre!


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On this weeks show Clare and Graeme are joined by the fabulous Willow Dunn, whose beautiful wet plate portraits were a huge hit at the Analogue Spotlight, about how and why they got into this process, and how they ended up at the event a mere two months after making their first Tintype!


Find Willow here:

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June 4, 2022

Ep. 287: Flat mates

Its a full house of hosts this week, most of which are either ill or knackered, but you know, here! Fortunately sickness has not yet been shown to be transmissible via podcast and we've all been up to fun things to report back on. Well, Rach and Clare have. 

If you want find out more about the Revela't Festival go here: 

The new Agent Shadow film sneaking out here:

The Chroma 612:

What Graeme's iffy zoom-burst pictures look like:

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At the end of a fun but long day at the Analogue Spotlight we sat down with some of the people behind it to hear how it all went. 

Audio quality isn't great, but as always the people we chatted to were.

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On this weeks show we're joined by the wonderful Solarcan Man himself, Mr Sam Cornwell, to hear all about the Solarcan Puck which is up on Kickstarter now. This is a really properly cool little creation that is absolutely worth your time to investigate, so go have a look before the Kickstarter ends.


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On this weeks show we're delighted to be joined by the mighty Steve Starr (better known by many as @stig_ofthedump) To talk about the book a Fortunate man from the 60's a work produced by writer John Berger and documentary photographer Jean Mohr detailing the life and practice of a local GP in a small village in the Forest of Dean, and how Steve used this as an inspiration to create his own book, not only for the subject matter, but also for the way the writing and pictures were used together to create a whole story.


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On this weeks show the whole gang is here, and not only that, we're joined by one of our favourite humans Hamish Gill to get all the info on the upcoming Analogue Spotlight event! Well, okay, maybe not all the information, but definitely some. Of varying quality. Did we mention that Hamish had been up since 4.30am? 


Check out this for a perhaps more coherent understanding of what will be there:


Find Rachel's new pop-up darkroom hire here:


Polaroid week 2022:


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Ade, Clare and Graeme get together once more to discuss Ade's shiny new camera, Clare's adventures putting on an interactive performance art piece in Norway and some awesome work from listeners on the them of "Blue".


We're also getting excited about the upcoming Analogue Spotlight - check out all the stuff happening and get yourself a ticket here:


Check out the new Solarcan Kickstarter here:


Analogue Club Amsterdam:



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April 10, 2022

Ep. 282: Inertia Real

This week we're delighted to be joined by documentary photographer Jim Mortram, creator of the Small Town Inertia blog and subsequent book in which Jim documents the lives and stories of the often forgotten people of his own small town with an intimacy and sensitivity rarely found in this kind of work. 


Find Jim's blog here:

On twitter:




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