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A weekly show exploring the wonderful world of analog photography from every angle


Join us on a fun-filled journey as we prepare for the UK Photography show, planning a photo challenge with some wonderful and thought provoking suggestions from our Instagram followers...

Strap in folks, it's a wild ride.


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On this weeks show we're delighted to be joined by Roberto Martinez Jimenez to talk about being a young film shooter, finding communities, and his new photobook amongst many other things!


Find Rob at


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Technology conspired against us this week - first off Ade and Clare's initial show just didn't record properly and then Graeme and Jasper's conversation was haunted by some digital goblins. Luckily, Ade and Clare managed to pull some of their recording from the ashes, and the audio goblins on the insert mostly just go away, so that's nice!


Find Jasper and his work here:

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It's a host catch up this week, with John visiting a haunted house and being too afraid to admit he saw a ghost, Clare making secret movies and Ade filming his family, hopefully not secretly. Oh, and did we mention that Rachel has kindly brought the newest Sunbeam into the world? Well she has! We haven't started her induction program just yet, but give it a few weeks and we'll have her shooting film and podding like a pro.


We also have a conversation with Ruth Folkard and Hamish Gill about the upcoming Photography show in the UK, and in particular the Analogue Spotlight part of it, which features a lot of stuff to interest us film shooters.


And, as if that wasn't already enough, we've got some great listener emails and Cheap Shot's Challenge pics rolling in! What a week!



Photography show links: 20% Discount code is SUNTPS21

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August 18, 2021

Ep. 259: Barcelona Special

Whilst the hosts are away on well earned holidays, making films and having babies (huge congratulations to Rachel on the birth of her daughter!) we thought we'd share with you the series of interviews Clare had when out at the Experimental Photography Festival.



Experimental Photo Festival:

Gisle Nataas

Felicita Russo

Cristina Fontsare

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On this weeks show it's a proper treat to have both Clare back from her trip to Spain to attend the Experimental Photography Festival, and Rachel back with us for probably her last pre-motherhood appearance! And John and Graeme are there as well, because someone has to press record and stop.


Lots of festival chat from Clare, photographic preparations before going into hospital with Rach,  John has been on an interesting workshop this week exploring new ways of getting art out in the world, and Graeme went for a walk - we've all had a mad old time of it.

Polaroid Now book:


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July 30, 2021

Backing Paper July 2021

A long overdue delve into the mail bag, with some great suggestions for cameras for Ade and much more


Malcolm Myers camera reviews:


127 day gallery:

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July 23, 2021

Ep. 257: Pyromancer

On this weeks show, James Lane from Zone Imaging Lab to talk about bespoke black and white printing services, making his own developers, 510 Pyro developer and his work to try and create a tablet form developer!


Find all of James' information and the things we talked about here:

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On this weeks show we're joined by not one but two delightful people, Holly Gilman and  Hamish Gill! They join us to talk about the awesome book that Holly has put together with the help of 49 photographers from around the world (and Hamish) titled Photography through the Pandemic.


35mmc article on the book:


Insta - @analogue.holly



Rachels new Ilford Video on Direct positive paper:

Agent Shadow Kickstarter:



Peak district photo walk:

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On this weeks show we're joined by the wonderful Benoit Felten to hear about his stunning collection of double exposure work, Photosynthesis.


Find Bens work here:


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