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June 11, 2021

Ep. 251: Agent Shadow

On this weeks show we're delighted to be joined by Stephen Dowling of Kosmo Foto to hear all about his new line of film, Agent Shadow, and the Kickstarter that's launching it. 






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On this weeks (belated) show we hear how John's work in preparation for his collaborative exhibition is going, how Clare's work in preparation for her part in the Experimental Photography festival is proceeding, and how Graeme flooded his shed with fixer. Not everyone can be doing something great I guess. 


On top of that we have a great and thought provoking selection of emails to share with you.


Pinhole and lawn bowls event:

Large Format Camera Store:


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May 28, 2021

Ep. 249: Shutter Bugs

On this weeks show Graeme is chatting in person with Dave Walker, all round lovely chap and smart dude, about using modern and easily available technology to solve some of the problems facing analogue photographers and his own project attempting to re-interpret the innards of old electronics based cameras!


Find Dave on Instagram:


And his T90 project here:


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On this weeks show we're joined by the mighty Mike Caputo to talk about his recently edited and published photography magazine which features a different photographer for each of the 50 US states sharing their work!

We also talk about Graeme's new enlarger, the trip he made with John to get it, and his pretty amazing Birthday camera.


Also, there was a surprise collection of listener content at the end of the show for Graeme, including a couple of very different but equally magical songs amongst many other kindnesses. A huge thank you to everyone who got in touch and sent something in, you are all far better people than we deserve to have listening!


Find Mike on Instagram @aloha_bigmike

The new zine can be seen and bought here:


The Birthday Song by Silence is full of birds

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May 13, 2021

Ep. 247: Analogue Hugs

This week Graeme, Clare and John catch up about their analogue photographic adventures and (sometimes unnecessary!) purchases.
We also take a look through a fantastic new zine from Ian Wallace ( about Paddington Train Station.

Available on YouTube:

Send your behind-the-scenes email comments to:

and John says, send your special emails to:


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May 8, 2021

Ep. 246: Getting Lit

On this weeks show it's the return of the One Hour Challenge, where the hosts of the show have one hour to try and accomplish a photographic goal, and you get to listen along to see how well (or otherwise) they get on.


The challenge this time out was to use household light sources as cheap/free ways of lighting our pictures. Both the results and the light sources used were very varied...


Music used on the show:

Pixelland by Kevin MacLeod

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On this weeks show we're joined by Pablo Giori, co-director and program manager for the Experimental Photography Festival, an amazing event taking place in Barcelona later this year. We talk about the event they held last year, what's new for 2021, and about the place of experimental photography within the larger art world today.


Find out more about the festival here:


And see Pablo's work here:


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On this weeks show we're delighted to welcome back the fabulous Tina Rowe to talk to us about her work over the last year experimenting  with liquid emulsions on everything, and impromptu art installations around London.


You can find Tina's work on Instagram @tinarororo, and on her website


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To celebrate the the launch of episode one of the lighting lounge hitting the Sunny 16 Presents feed, this weeks podcast has some light conversation, and a lighting challenge for everyone that everyone can get involved with. We also check out some great emails from listeners, and help Graeme figure out what he wants for his birthday (mostly just because it happens to be lights).


Matt Murray's website for details on Lomochrome Purple zine shoutout:

Contact email for John Michael Mendizza if you'd like to take part in the Olympus IS1000 World Tour:


Pinhole day details:



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This week Clare and Ade talk with Michael Kirchoff about his extensive travel and personal photography projects and writing for numerous websites and publications. 


Also available on YouTube:


You can find the topics discussed via:



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