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On this weeks show we've got a gaggle of hosts in one virtual room for a new years catch up, which we recorded on video as well - YouTube link below if you want to watch along! Clare, Ade, John and Graeme talk about recent activities including printing, photobook reading, zine preparations and Gerbil videos - what a week!


We also talk briefly about the Fuji film discontinuation, and the new paper from Ilford.


AND very excitingly, we announce the start of a new round of the Cheap Shots Challenge! Rules below for the forgetful:


Cheap shots Challenge subject  - Cliches


Rules: Use a camera that cost the equivalent of £30/$30 or less (including the lens ideally!)

Submit two images to by the 28th February

Put "Cheap Shots Challenge Cliches" in subject line

Put your name, the camera and film used in the file name for each shot

Tell us the story of your images in your email, and explain why your cliche picture transcends the cliche!


Youtube Link:


Useful Links:

John's Patron and subscribe page:


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For this podcast extra Paul Mckay from Analogue Wonderland, primarily to tell us all about the UK Film Photography Community Fund initiative that they've just started and are now taking applications for, but also to bring us up to speed with where film supplies are at the moment.

Find all the relevant information on the UKFPCF here:

You only have until the end of January to get your application in, so don't hang about!

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January 14, 2021

Ep. 231: Cruel Summer

This week we are joined by the pinnacle of 80s pop bands, The Bangles! errr...nope that's not right, but it is the equally inspirational, Dan Bassini.

Talking about his lockdown project that led him to producing 'Cruel Summer', an exploration of his local area and a solo road trip around New England. Using the same compact cameras and his vast experience that he usually applies to creating 'No Invite', a series of photozines about the New York fashion week.



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January 11, 2021

Backing Paper - January 2021

Backing Paper returns for the New Year with a splendid selection of interesting listener emails and nonsense talk from John and Graeme.


If you want to get in touch with us, drop us a line at

Music is Remortgaging the the nest of hairs by Schnauser, used with permission



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This week we're delighted to welcome back to the show Kilian Idsinga, joining us to talk about the launch of an new Let's Explore magazine, and the call for submissions.


All the links to Let's Explore and Kilian: (this page has the option for people to subscribe to my very occasional newsletter)
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December 31, 2020

I dream of cameras #2

Hey folks, in the hole left by the Sunny 16 festive break we've got the perfect thing to plug it - another fabulous episode of I dream of cameras from Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs. On this show they discuss something many of us have experienced - the hunt for that camera the has just become a must have, whatever it might be!


Music for this show is "Freddie’s Back” by Fred Coury, used with permission


You can find Jeff:


And you can find Gabe:


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In this year to forget, the Sunbeams annual Christmas get together is very much a Christmas stay apart, but nonetheless it's a delight to have Clare, Rachel, John, Graeme... and Ade all back together for an end of year chinwag and celebration that we've made it this far!
If you'd like to see our fabulous Christmas hats (and who wouldn't) then go to our Ko-Fi page and there should be a link to the video for this episode - no donation required or asked for, it was just the easiest place to share it without putting it out for general YouTube broadcast as it was a post recording decision to share it, so it is what it is!
Much festive love from us all at Sunny 16, I hope the you stay safe and well over the next few weeks and months, and we look forward to talking to you again in 2021


Video here:

Music for this show:
Happy Christmas Inspiring by WinnieTheMoog



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On this weeks show we try to put our newly inspired good planning habits to practice and have a carefully prepared for 1 Hour Shoot!


Sadly, no amount of planning can keep away the lurgy, which struck down both Clare and Rachel, but luckily John and Graeme were joined by three awesome listeners; John-Micheal Mendizza, Billy Sanford and Nick Marshall, who all took part in the challenge as well. And even though Clare couldn't be with us on the night, the next night she gave it a go and recorded some audio for the show!


You can find the work of this weeks guests:

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On this weeks show, John Clare and Graeme are joined by professional photographer and artist Craig Fleming to talk about how his rekindled love of shooting film not only inspired his personal photography, but also helped him find more work, and helped keep his passion for photography alive when work threatened to drag it down.


Find Craig here:


If you want to join us online for next weeks One Hour Challenge, drop us a line at and we'll send you a link on the night

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December 2, 2020

Ep. 226: Planning To Succeed

On this weeks show, Rachel and Clare give the hapless Graeme an insight into the kind of planning and preparation that goes into a successful shoot, exhibition, event or whatever it may be - turns our it's a lot! Given how little time many of us have to actually take pictures, we hope a chat about how to get the most from that time will be useful.

As part of this we've also decided that in two weeks, on December the 17th, we're going to attempt another one hour challenge, but this time we're all going to plan in advance and see if that helps! We'd love you to join us virtually for it and take part, so get planning your shoot and there will be more details soon!


Here's the link to Rachel's music!


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