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February 28, 2017

Ep.39: To the edge of comfort

In this episode we are joined once again by the awesome Eric! We talk about the process of making a zine, the work of Ren Hang, the Lab Box kickstarter and the new colour film from Lomography. All this and Ade apologises to Ferrania!

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February 21, 2017

Ep.38: The King of 27-Zine

In this episode we're lucky enough to be joined by hero of the film photography community, Mike Padua! We talk about his website, his hugely successful Photomemo books and his new venture into Zines, All this and Ade's been fancy shopping!

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In this episode Graeme is excited about the Jollylook Camera kickstarter, and Ade is all set to receive some of the new P30 film from Ferrania! All this and, for once, it's Graeme that has an update on his project!

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In this episode we are delighted to be joined by Artist, photographer and all round delight Tina Rowe to talk about her work, exhibitions and experiences. Ade's got another portrait in the bag and we pick Tina's brain for advice on our projects

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