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September 17, 2020

Backing Paper September 2020

Backing Paper is Back! Clare, John and Graeme are here with some emails, some listener audio, cheap shots challenge entries and more!

Huge thanks as always to our amazing Kofi donors for enabling us to keep doing this.


If you'd like to help keep Backing Paper alive and well, and maybe you've got some help and answers for some of the questions from this weeks show, then please drop us a line at

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On this weeks show John and Graeme are joined by the fabulous Ethan Moses to talk about his new and soon to be kickstarter automated film feeder for DSLR scanning. It's super cool and super fast and well worth checking out, as is everything Ethan does. 

You can find the Youtube teaser video here:

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Ethan's website:

The Homemade camera podcast:


John's Youtube channel:


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September 2, 2020

Ep. 218: Bank Holiday Boys

This week it's John and Graeme catching up, with chats about Johns recent experiences using the Cameradactyl OG large format camera, and actually getting to try out the Pixl-latr to see if it will become part of his workflow. 

Graeme for his part got stung by a wasp, so everyone's bringing something to the table.

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