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Got a real treat for you this week, with multi award winning photographer Brian Griffin, one of the most respected and lauded photographers of the 70's and '80's, a photographer who not only managed to make photo's of business leaders into surrealist art, but also shot some of the biggest names in music in the 80's, and is responsible for some iconic record covers.


We had a great chat with Brian, but we only got to scratch the surface of his experiences. Luckily for us all he's currently kickstarting a book documenting his work and life from 1969 to 1990 called "Black Country DADA" so go check that out!



Brian's website:

Instagram:  brian_griffin_photographer
Twitter:       @canadawharf

Brian's poetry slide show! 


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It's a full house this week with Clare, Rachel, John and Graeme all here to catch up with each other and you guys, with adventures such as a trip to Italy, videos for Ilford, an printing work for exhibitions and more to talk about. Not only that but we've also got some great listener emails to dip into as well.


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Derrick Tate performing:


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Johannes Heberlein


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On this weeks show, John and Graeme are joined from Australia by Julian Kingma, award winning professional photographer and all round utter delight to talk about his early days as a newspaper photographer, making the work transition from film to digital, pursuing projects and making that pay, getting portraits in the national gallery and much more.


Julian is an excellent follow on Instagram, find him here:


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On the show this week John and Clare talk with Michael Behlen, founder of The Analog Forever magazine about how it was started, the current edition and what the future holds for the magazine.


You can browse the online content and find out about how to submit here:

Michael’s own photography can be found on his Instagram:

and website


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