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A weekly show exploring the wonderful world of analog photography from every angle


On this show we catch up with Matt Bechberger from Reveni Labs to hear all about the new spot meter he's Kickstarting, and his highly successful light meter Kickstarter from last year.


Find the Kickstarter here:




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On weeks show Ade, Clare and Graeme catch up for a hostful lite, and chat about a recent inspirational viewing of the film Manhunter, preparation of a new podcast all about using lighting in photography, and falling down an ebay hole, amongst many other things


We also have some listener emails to read, a new plastic fantastic camera from Harman Technology to talk about, the decision that the prize for the current round of the Cheap Shots challenge is going to be Graeme's Cheap shots camera, and, most excitingly of all, some news about Rachel!

It's a lot!


Pixels and Grain website:

Argos catalogue archives:

New camera from Harman Technology:

Justin Quinnell's Pinhole resource website:


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February 18, 2021

Ep. 236: From Russia with love

On this weeks show we're joined by the fantastic Vladislav Kern and Mark Beadle to talk all things Soviet cameras


Find Vlad here:



Classic lenses podcast #17 with Vlad Kern:  



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On this weeks show we're joined by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Greenstein, the two utterly delightful hosts of the camera collecting podcast "I dream of cameras", as well as being writers and producers of some of the most iconic shows in Hollywood, but really, who cares about that when there's cameras to talk about.

The conversation goes all over the place, as you might expect, but it was a real good time, and as well as listening you can also watch the show on YouTube, which is well worth your time as John was doing some incredible real time producing of his own so there's plenty to see going on. 


Youtube show:



Find the all of the I dream of cameras show info here:

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You can find Jeff:


And you can find Gabe:


Check out the videos from Roja and Marlowe on this feed for a look at Rachel's rockstar days!



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February 8, 2021

Backing Paper February 2021

John and Graeme return with another sack of listener emails, cheap shot challenge entries and general chatter

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February 4, 2021

Ep. 234: Mental Collodion

On this weeks show it feels like we've gone full Cher and and turned back time, because it's Ade and Graeme talking to our old friend, Simon Riddell!

Simon joins us to talk about his struggles over the last 12 months, and how wet plate photography not only gave him a means of coping with these difficult times, but ended up being far more important as a tool for mental wellbeing both for himself and others.


As the subject matter is a little heavier than usual, and Simon says shit an awful lot, this may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive listeners.


You can see the work we talk about here on Instagram:

Or  here:


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