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September 27, 2021

Sunny 16 Extra: After Hours

After a busy day at the Photography Show 2021 we headed, as good folks are sometimes want to do, to the nearest bar, and proceeded to collar a few friends for a chat.


Anil Mistry:

Paul McKay:

Michelle Parr:

Steve Lloyd and Dave Gurney:

Hamish Gill:

Alex Purcell:

Stephen Dowling:


Mining by Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod




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It's the Sunbeams annual outing to the Photography Show!






Chroma Camera


Analogue Wonderland




Ilford Photo




Kosmo Photo


Zone Imaging Lab


M.S. Hobbies




SilverPan Filmlab


Intrepid Cameras


Bright Rooms



Huge thank you for all your support!

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Video presented by:

Clare Marie-Bailey


Ade Stock


Camera + Edit:

John Whitmore



See you all next year!

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Join us on a fun-filled journey as we prepare for the UK Photography show, planning a photo challenge with some wonderful and thought provoking suggestions from our Instagram followers...

Strap in folks, it's a wild ride.


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On this weeks show we're delighted to be joined by Roberto Martinez Jimenez to talk about being a young film shooter, finding communities, and his new photobook amongst many other things!


Find Rob at


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Technology conspired against us this week - first off Ade and Clare's initial show just didn't record properly and then Graeme and Jasper's conversation was haunted by some digital goblins. Luckily, Ade and Clare managed to pull some of their recording from the ashes, and the audio goblins on the insert mostly just go away, so that's nice!


Find Jasper and his work here:

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