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A weekly show exploring the wonderful world of analog photography from every angle


More conversations from our trip to the Photography Show, but this time from the (relative) comfort of a bar patio! 

Featured on this episode:


Rachel Brewster-Wright:

Steve Lloyd:

Michelle Parr:

Hannah Gross:

Emma Lloyd:

Karen Freer:

Clare Williams:


Amanda Izquierdo:



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Music: Acid Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod
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Ade and Graeme hit the floor of the 2022 UK Photography Show and get chatting to...


Matt Parry from Ilford Photo

Dave Faulkner from Alfie Cameras

Juho Lepannen from Camera Rescue

Henry from Tales from the Magic Box podcast

Naomi Davison from Intrepid

Stephen Dowling from Kosmo Foto

Brian from Capix

James Lane from Zone Imagine Lab

Sam Cornwell from Solarcan

Hamish Gill from Pixl-latr etc etc

Holly Gilman from Analogue Spotlight

Steve Lloyd from Chroma Cameras

Joshua Cole from Flints Auctions

Simon Riddell from being the mighty Simon Riddell




The following music was used for this media project:
Music: Bit Quest by Kevin MacLeod
Free download:
License (CC BY 4.0):
Artist website:



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This week we're joined by friend of the show Paul Mckay from Analogue Wonderland to talk about preparations for the upcoming Photography show, what's going on at Analogue Wonderland and how film supplies are looking at the moment, all this AND nose grease talk!



This is Sparta:


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What a treat (for us at least) this week as we drag the boys from I Dream of Cameras back into the Sunny 16 office for a free range catchup and their Every-40-Episodes mandatory staff appraisal.


On top of that, Rachel has some awesome news - she's launching a new Photography Workbook, and not just any Photography workbook, the ULTIMATE Film and Darkroom Workbook! If you want to do engage in more hands on darkroom stuff, or just do what you already enjoy doing, but in a more structured, thoughtful, and ultimately productive way then you need to check this out. 

Sign up for the Waitlist and bag a pre-order discount here:


Rachel's website:



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It was a real treat this week to welcome acclaimed photographer Brian Griffin back to the podcast to discuss art and  knicker elastic, but even  more importantly his new book Gary, which is on Kickstarter NOW! Brian is a genuine legend, if you missed his first appearance on show 223 then go listen to that, then hurry on back for this one!


Gary Kickstarter: 

Brian Griffin website:



Photography show:


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On this weeks show we're joined by Dave Faulkner of Alfie Cameras to talk about the companies first camera, the soon to be Kickstarted Alfie Tych, a half frame camera for the modern era! 

Sign up for the newsletter here to get all the latest news and updates on the Kickstarter here:

Check out the cameras ongoing development on Instagram:


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August 21, 2022

Ep. 295: Musically lifted

On this weeks show our hosts gather once again to catch up, enjoy some great pictures sent in by listeners and discuss their own attempts at creating work using song lyrics as inspirations, all to the backdrop of a scanner running in the background because someone left everything to the last minute...


John-Michael Mendizza on Instagram :

Billy Sanford:

Analogue Wonderbox:


Photo Print day:



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On this weeks show Ade chats with the rest of the gang about his new endeavors in photo journaling, why he started and what benefits the practice is bringing him.

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On this weeks episode, friend of the show Ruth Folkard returns to the podcast to chat with Ade, Rach and Clare about the upcoming Photography Show at the NEC, and more importantly the Analogue Showcase, which promises to be an even more film fun packed space than last year, hope we'll see you all there!


Show info and tickets here:

Use offer code SUNTPS22 to get a 20% discount on advanced entry adult tickets

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July 29, 2022

Ep. 292: I Dream of Jeff

It's Jeff week here at Sunny 16 Towers (which is coincidentally Jeff's nickname) after the I Dream Of Cameras star (co-star) made a flash trip to the UK to buy a fancy camera, drink some fancy beer in the sun with Ade, make prints and drink pints with Rachel, visit burial grounds and television sets and probably drink who knows what with Clare, and drink Lemonade and get shown the way out by Graeme - what a week!

Is Jeff as nice as he comes across in his podcast? Is the Xpan the answer to all of life's questions? Does Gabe just not like us enough to travel half way around the world? Some of these questions will be answered, some you can figure out for yourselves, only on Jeff Week here at Sunny 16!


Title for this show provided by Ade. Alternative titles included "Jeffs-on-an Airplane". "Four Welcomes and a Fuji-clone" and "The Perils of Poor Impulse Control"



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