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January 22, 2022

Ep. 273: Legacy

On this weeks show we talk about what we'd be leaving behind for others if we suddenly weren't here. This included topics like the way we all handle our image storage, both digital and physical, how our pictures could be accessed and used by others in the future, and how someone who isn't into photography could make any sense out of our mountains of gear!

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January 15, 2022

Ep. 272: Blue Magic Tree

It's a post festive period catchup this week, and a look ahead to a year of hopefully photographic fun. 


Our impromptu list of monthly subject/inspiration topics:

January: Desires

February: Traffic

March: Blue

April: Magic

May: Tree

June: Song Lyric

July: Electric Dreams

August: Motivated light

September: Forced perspective

October: Event

November: Into the night

December: Faces

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Seasons Greetings everyone, we're here with an alcohol fueled mini Sunny Awards show so pull the good stuff out of 2021 before we cast the generally wretched year into the fiery abyss forever.


Some of the awesome stuff and people from this year:


Ethan Moses 20x24 Instant Pictures Kickstarter:

Reveni Spot meter:

Pinsta camera:

Photography Through the Pandemic Kickstarter:


I Dream of Cameras:


They Live movie:

Anna Atkins:

James Lane:

Audrey Steimer:

Emma Lloyd:

Alex Heron:


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Kevin MacLeod



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December 18, 2021

Ep. 270: Look to the Stars

On this weeks show, after a suitably rambling start, we get into a discussion about some of Ade and Clare's favourite photographers (the very different William Eggleston, Dianne Arbus, Corinne Day and Helmut Newton) why their work has been important to them over the years, and why it stands out amongst the sea of photography out there. We also have a couple of cracking follow up emails from last weeks show. 

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December 10, 2021

Ep. 269: Average to mediocre

Ade, Clare and Graeme ease themselves back into the podcast mindset with a rambling conversation about our recent adventures, what inspires us to shoot, how we feel about what we shoot and a host of digressions. Like we said, we're easing our rusty pod-brains back into gear this week, so bear with!

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November 26, 2021

Our friend John

The podcast returns this week as Ade, Clare, Hamish and Graeme get together to remember our dear friend John in the way that he affected all of our lives - positively. No tears, some laughs, and at the end just a whole load of John


We don't dwell on what his loss means to us personally, because if you listened to the last podcast then you deserve a break and a medal, and if you've listened to this podcast over the last couple of years then you already know. He brought joy, wisdom, compassion, support and inspiration to all of us, and now we don't have him. It sucks. It hurts.


Thanks for bearing with us :)


If you would like to back the Photography through the Pandemic book which Hamish talks about, now dedicated to John's memory, then go here:

If you would like to donate to the Just Giving page, go here:


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October 29, 2021

Ep. 268: Pinsta rap

On this weeks show Ade and Clare are joined by Oliver New, the man behind the Pinsta Camera, a highly innovative new product currently on Kickstarter which manages to combine a Pinhole camera, developing tank and micro dark room all in one small, exceedingly well built box.


Find the Kickstarter here:

And on Instagram:


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It's the Cheap Shots Challenge, back again helping you relaxing with the theme UNWIND.


We are joined by the fabulous Tina Rowe who gives us a little update of what she has been up to as well as providing some valuable commentary on the submissions on the way to selecting a winner.

Who knows what they will physically win, but a winner in the eyes of Tina is the greatest prize anyone could hope for.


Also available on YouTube so you can actually see the photos:


Tina's video in full:
Azul :

Buy us a cuppa:


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Clare Marie-Bailey


Ade Stock


Graeme Jago


John Whitmore



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On this weeks show we're joined by Marina Llopis and Paul McKay to hear all about the newest addition to the Analogue Wonderland Empire, the Analogue Wonderlab, which Marina has brought into existence over the last few months and which opened for business this week!


Marina on Instagram:

Analogue Wonderlab:

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On this weeks show we're delighted to be joined by the fabulous Alexandra Heron, photographer and now public speaker, to talk about her long term project "Breadth", a collection of beautiful portraits of people on the Autistic spectrum, as is Alex, and their own individual stories, with the aim of shattering the many stereotypes associated with autism.


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